Your Ideal Solution


As a major contractor on a building project, your options for choosing an underlayment subcontractor are usually limited --- put the project out to bid and choose the lowest price, right?




Here are just a few examples why you may want to consider M&M Lightweight Concrete when choosing your underlayment subcontractor.

1) M&M Lightweight Concrete has the longevity and background that affords us more years of knowledge about the industry than many of our competitorsí years combined.

2) M&M Lightweight Concrete assures you that itís management personnel is on site at all scheduled installations. This will free your site superintendent to attend to other pressing issues, saving you, the contractor, time and money. Any decisions that need to be made to insure a smooth installation will be made by our personnel, ensuring that your schedule is kept in tact.

3) As Murphyís Law dictates, every once in a while a flawed or missed design will fall through the cracks and doesnít appear until the subcontractor is on site. M&M Lightweight Concrete has the knowledge and the ability to spot any project detail flaws and bring them to your site superintendentís attention immediately. We will work with the superintendent, giving them as well as you, our knowledge and opinions on proper design procedures to bring any flaw back to within the design specs. We can offer this to our customers thanks to our on-site management personnel. In most cases, any design flaw will be spotted, decided upon and then corrected without the need for re-scheduling the installation which saves you hundreds of dollars.

Spending a few extra dollars on bid day for a quality oriented subcontractor may save you, the General Contractor, hundreds of thousands of dollars in the long run.



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