Quality Control


M&M Lightweight Concrete Company is committed to maintaining a strict quality control program, insuring that our products meet or exceed your job specifications.  All of our sample testing is done on-site and in strict accordance with ASTM testing procedures for FIRM-FILL Gypsum Concrete. This is to ensure that you, the customer, receive the highest quality product available.


The highest form of quality control can only be achieved using the proper methods. Shown here, our site personnel is preparing sample tests using split brass molds.

A sample of gypsum concrete is taken from the point of placement to be cast in the mold.


Molds being cast per ASTM C472 procedures.

Molds have been cast and will be struck off after they achieve their initial set. Also shown, is a test taken for "patty size" or "density" to ensure that your product is being installed properly.



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